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unplugged in Tokyo

so we are already 3 full days behind in updating tumblr in both narrative and pictures due to spotty internet in phuket, now… we have been in tokyo for the past 24 hours and finally found internet at a fedex-kinkos, it is remarkable that no cafe, restaurant, or hotel has had wi-fi.  even the airport only has one small waiting area with wi-fi.

phuket was crazy, interesting, weird, wild, and fun.  so many sights, sounds and smells, so many weird people, so many tuk tuks and vendors pushing food, rides, and other things in your face…  

tokyo – we survived flying thru a typhoon, got to tokyo, tired and hungry, but somehow navigated the metro/subway/train system (you will see the pic later and be impressed!) and got to our hotel.   today we are headed to the amazing buddha statue south of tokyo and to look for a tattoo magazine called Burst that Yolanda and her artist is in, should be a fun day!

we hope to update more later, but wanted to let everyone know we are doing well, just dis-connected for a few 🙂

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