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On the train headed to the Narita airport – ready for 24 hours of traveling to get home! On Thursday, July 21st – we left Japan @ 10:30 am and got to Detroit at 10:00 am the same day, but...

Inside MBK center – the photo almost captures the insanity of the most crowded mall we had ever been in, which felt more like a giant dollar store than a mall

24 Hours to Tokyo

On Monday July 18th we flew from Phuket –> Bangkok –> Tokyo. We had a short flight that morning from Phuket back to Bangkok on Thai Airways, fortunately we were able to check our bags in at the...

Parasailing on Laem Sing Beach – I am adventurous enough to do this someday, but OCD enough to want to check into the credentials and liability coverage of such a company before I do so