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Thailand 2011

Inside MBK center – the photo almost captures the insanity of the most crowded mall we had ever been in, which felt more like a giant dollar store than a mall

24 Hours to Tokyo

On Monday July 18th we flew from Phuket –> Bangkok –> Tokyo. We had a short flight that morning from Phuket back to Bangkok on Thai Airways, fortunately we were able to check our bags in at the...

Parasailing on Laem Sing Beach – I am adventurous enough to do this someday, but OCD enough to want to check into the credentials and liability coverage of such a company before I do so

Walking down to the beach from the road was a steep climb, covered in make shift steps and tree roots

Thai Boxing “advertisement” that drove thru the main city street repetitively, instead of “Sunday, Sunday, Sunday” it was “Monday night, Monday night, Monday...