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Sailing in the BVIs – Day 4: Feeling Naked

Our fourth day was completely uneventful, which is sailor speak for “heavenly”. Our itinerary today would take us from Marina Cay to Gorda Baths and then (finally) to the North Sound. We heard frequently that the moorings at Gorda Baths are full by 9am and that we needed to get there early. So we decided wake up before sunrise to get there as early as possible. By 7am we were doing the short crossing east bound to Virgin Gorda under an amazing sunrise. By 7:45 we were already at the mooring field!


Above: Nestor on the helm during the short sunrise crossing to Virgin Gorda. 

When we arrived to the Baths, there was only one additional boat so we had our pick of which mooring to get. We initially picked a mooring a bit north of the bath proper (in an area called Spring Bay), but after doing a recognizance ride on the dinghy, we realized we were too far north. We then decided to move to a mooring on Devil’s Bay on the south end. One thing about the Baths is that you can’t take the dinghy to shore. Instead, you have to tie it to a dinghy line outside the swimming area, and then swim to shore. The distance to shore on Devil’s bay is shorter than on the official Gorda Baths bay, so our new location worked perfectly.


For those of you not familiar with the Baths, it is truly a unique place. Two bays (The Baths and Devil’s bay) are connected by hundreds of massive round boulders that seem completely out of place. The path between the bays take you inside amazing caves and up and down the boulders. The place is usually very crowded but still totally worth it.


Above: Yolanda walking in between the boulders and the Gorda Baths.

We did have a horrible thing happen during the swim from the dinghy to the beach. Nestor lost his wedding ring! Apparently he had put sun protector on his hands and while swimming like a pro (that is, doggy paddle), the ring must have just slipped off. It likely now lays on the bottom of Devil’s Bay. So for the rest of the trip Nestor kept saying that he felt naked without his ring on, and that he was worried that a bunch of girls would now hit on him thinking that he was not married. He can be so delusional some times! 🙂


Above: Yolanda and Nestor at the Baths with Ohana, our charter boat, in the background. 

We finished the day with a nice sail to the northern area of Virgin Gorda called the North Sound and picked up a mooring at Leverick Bay. This marina offers free water (100 gallons) and ice (two 10# bags) with the price of a mooring, so we decided to dock for the first time. Docking with a catamaran is relatively easy since you have two engines and can control the boat pretty well. Yet, this was our first docking completely on our own (no instructor or checkout captain (to yell at us)) so we were a little bit anxious. But everything went perfectly. We docked without any issues, and soon after were drinking margaritas and eating dinner at the Marina.

A quick note about Leverick Bay Marina. It has several restaurants with varying menus and prices. We ate at the beach bar and the menu was excellent and prices extremely affordable (for BVI standards). The only problem is that the bugs will eat you alive if you don’t use some serious repellent. Ask the bartender if they have some (they always do) if you forget to bring bug repellent. Leverick Bay also has a great convenience store that is a bit tricky to find. Simply walk past the resort into the street and turn left. You will see the store on your left at the end of the street.

Coming up in Day 5: We relax like royalty at the Bitter End Yacht Club and had a close dinghy encounter with a reef.

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