About Us

Nestor  (aka “Captain”)

 Nestor grew up in the middle of the Andes mountains and several hundred miles from the nearest ocean. As a child, all he wanted to do was to be a musician and climb mountains. He spent most of his childhood and adolescence playing the cello and bass guitar ( and rumor has it that he once impersonated a Menudo member).  He moved to Florida after high school to pursue his cello studies at the University but soon found out that 1) he actually sucked at the cello and 2) he had a talent for getting As in all non-music courses. So he decided that getting a PhD was much easier than butchering Bach’s cello suites. A few years later he got a doctorate from the University of Michigan. He then lived in New York where he gave the “art life” a second try by working as a filmmaker and executive producer for www.explorart.com. He apparently forgot what happened with the cello and, as expected, he soon ended up back in academia (where he belongs) doing a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Pittsburgh. He finally settled back at the University of Michigan where he now teaches courses in psychiatric disorders and leads a research program on stress and mood disorders. It may be all the life transitions, but Nestor eventually got bitten by the travel bug and acquired a bad case of the sailing virus. He has been making up for lost time by sailing as much as he can in the Caribbean, Florida, and the Great Lakes. He races on a J24 at Michigan’s Lake St. Clair during the summer and has completed the ASA series and up to the RYA Coastal Skipper certification. He is now accumulating the miles necessary to sit for the RYA YachtMaster exam. So he is searching for crewing opportunities on long passages! Get in touch if you need crew – bluebuddhaadventures@gmail.com!

Yolanda (aka “Admiral”)


Yolanda grew up in a small, suburban Michigan town and came of age in the Hardcore/Punk scene of greater Detroit. As a teenager, she spent her weeknights training Muay Thai and Savate (French) Kickboxing, and spent her weekends at “shows” seeing bands play in basements, coffee shops and small venues. Her interest in travel began when she started taking road trips with friends to see some of her favorite bands play at music “fests” in Chicago, Kentucky, Toronto, etc. She was also lucky enough to have an amazing, well-traveled grandmother who took her to Europe when was 16! Seeing the sights of London, Amsterdam, and Paris was such an eye-opener for her, and helped plant the seeds of wanderlust she has today. Upon graduating high school, she left Michigan to attend college in Boston for a bit, eventually returning back to Michigan to get her doctorate and then began her career as a Physical Therapist. Her non-academic life has been nearly as adventure-filled as Nestor’s. After her early days of kickboxing and road tripping, she became a fairly serious tattoo collector (Michele Wortman, Juan Salgado, Conan Lea), a runner (with a handful of 13.1’s + one 26.2 under her belt), a rock climber, and now a sailor. She completed ASA 101-103 on Lake St. Clair, has become an excellent first mate, and continues to fine-tune her skills while sailing with Nestor in the Caribbean.

Why Blue Buddha?

12038198_10101447468209286_5464605174163533706_nThe “Buddha” part is easy to explain. Core concepts of Buddhism have been a part of us as individuals and as a couple for many years. Compassion, impermanence, mindfulness, and kindness are central to how we try to live our lives (we even met thanks to a mutual Buddhist friend who also married us!). As for “Blue”, Blue represents the increasingly nautical nature of our adventures and our hope to one day sail into the deep blue to see the world aboard our boat named Blue Buddha. Blue Buddha is also the Medicine Buddha and it fits us best given that both of us are involved in healing professions. And because of … Go Blue!

Thanks for following us! Feel free to contact us at bluebuddhaadventures@gmail.com